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Affirmations Flow

Replace new tab on chrome browser with your custom affirmations — add, edit and shuffle play them.

Stay focused on your goals, dreams and affirmations.

Affirmations flow browser extension

Custom affirmations

Add your custom affirmations and focus on them all day. You can add as many affirmations as you want.

Add custom affirmations
Play affirmations on shuffle

Deep flow

Affirmations play on continuous shuffle in thirty-minute intervals so that you can focus deeply on each at the feelings level.

Smart controls

With smart control options, you are in total control of what you want to focus on and for how long.

Play affirmations on shuffle
Export your affirmations from affirmations flow in a spreadsheet and import your affirmations to affirmations flow with a spreadsheet

Batch Export & Import

Batch export your affirmations from Affirmations Flow in a spreadsheet and batch import your affirmations to Affirmations Flow with a spreadsheet

Minimal design

No distractions, no unnecessary features — just a minimal interface of essentials for high productivity.

Affirmation Flow chrome extension has minimal design


Affirmations Flow Community

Learn the science of affirmations, get daily inspirations and stay focused on your goals.

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Affirmations Flow Youtube Channel
Youtube Channel

Learn the science of affirmations, get daily inspirations and stay focused on your goals.

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Affirmations Flow Release Notes
Release Notes

When we update the extension, we add all updates in relase notes for your reference.

Understand Updates
Affirmations Flow support

As a user of Affirmations Flow, if you face any issues, contact us for support.

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Affirmations Flow privacy policy
Privacy Policy

We at Affirmations Flow are committed to protecting your privacy.

Privacy Policy

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