Get Your Affirmations Crafted by Geeta Pandey

When you repeat your affirmations with joy and a feeling of possibilities, your subconscious mind start believing in them and manifest them sooner or later. However, your subconscious mind have no judgement of its own; it simply believes in what you repeat. If your affirmations are in alignment with your dreams and desires, you will get positive results, otherwise you will get negative results.

Thus, the first step in leveraging the power of affirmations to manifest your dreams is to craft powerful affirmations that align with your dreams and desires.

I will help you craft powerful custom affirmations in two simple steps:

  1. Onboarding: Complete the onboarding survey and tell me about your dreams, desires and challenges.
  2. Affirmations: I will craft your affirmations and send them over to you. If needed, you can ask for upto two revisions.

Having transformed my life and the lives of many others with the power of affirmations, I use the information you provide in the onboarding survey to determine the core areas for you to work on and craft powerful affirmations.

This process takes about five days from the day you submit the onboarding survey. You will receive your affirmations in five days or less.

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Price: $100

Learn the science of affirmations

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